The Way Foward

The NHD was constituted in 2005 to establish, manage, and implement policies, principles and guidelines for a system of protected areas in Barbados, but more specifically the proposed Barbados National Park. In 2008, as the NHD reminisces and reflects on the successful implementation of de Heart uh Barbados Heritage Celebration, we are cognizant that the celebrations would not have occurred without the vision of the early pioneers, our generous sponsors, the attractions – Harrison’s Cave, Welchman Hall Gully, Jack-in-the-Box Gully, the Flower Forest and Springvale Heritage Museum (no longer participating) – the volunteer corps, our partners and stakeholders, the host communities, especially the youth, family and staff of the NHD and successive Governments of Barbados.

The continued development of de Heart uh Barbados will be based on the NHD implementing sustainable practices and management strategies to integrate the De Heart uh Barbados event while simultaneously charting the course for setting up guiding principles for the proposed national park. It is the practice internationally to allow sustainable tourism in protected areas and sensitive ecosystems such as national parks.  The NHD has consciously sought to integrate guiding principles of protected area management into de Heart uh Barbados. The nature-based attractions are used to provide education, heritage conservation, recreational opportunities, scientific research and “a sense of place” (renewal or spiritual connection to self) for visitors and host community alike.