National Park


The purpose of the Barbados National Park Plan is to establish policies to guide future land use and development within the National Park.

The National Park Plan which is based on the goals, objectives and analysis set out in a number of background reports, aims to:

To conserve and enhance the character and quality of the landscape and marine resources in the Park, including all features of natural and cultural heritige.

To define and protect a functionally connected natural heritage system based on an ecosystem approach.

To foster an awareness of the value of the National Park to the daily lives of residents of Barbados.

To ensure that the use and management of the land and marine resources in the Park is of a sustainable nature and is supportive of the social and economic development of local communities.

To establish a strong presumption against activities which conflict with or are detrimental to the landscape, seascape and environmental qualities that led to National Park designation.

To provide opportunities for passive recreation and to promote an understanding and enjoyment of the special qualities of the park.


a) To conserve and enhance:

i) the biodiversity of the area including terrestrial and marine ecosystem, habitats and species;

ii) landforms, geomorphological features and reefs systems;

iii) the qualities of wilderness and solitude;

iv) the traditional patterns of resources use and management;

v) sites, features and buildings of architectural, historical and archaeolgical significance;

vi) the village settlement pattern;

vii) water resources